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Posted 6/16/2021

Do you miss collaborating with a team that thrives on brainstorming and positive interaction and the opportunity to develop long term relationships with your co-workers?  Tired of working alone at home and miss the excitement and energy of interacting with an upbeat, energetic team of lighting professionals?  If so, our client, a financially secure, solid company who believes a company environment can be COOL and FUN while still taking care of business, is seeking a dependable Project Manager who is motivated, professional, and misses in-person collaboration and relationships with their co-workers

You will utilize your experience as a Project Manager, Applications Engineer or possibly Sales Representative, your wealth of knowledge of lighting, your pleasant personality and strong work ethic to not only meet deadlines, do take offs, submittals, estimations and insure the timely delivery of materials, but also have a hand in design from concept to completion.

Our ideal candidate is currently a Project Manager, Application Engineer or possibly someone in sales who is tired of traffic jams and lobby waits and would love to work from within the office with a very positive team.  Our candidate also has a passion for doing things well, loves to collaborate with their peers.

As proof that this isn’t your grandfather’s lighting company, they keep a fully stocked bar in their corporate office available to all employees!  (As the ad says, ‘Drink responsibly.’)  Degree a plus; very little overnight travel.


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