Niles, Ill., August 13, 2019 – Luminii acquires Optic Arts! Two great companies are now one even bigger, better one. The Pompeo Group is proud to have partnered with Tounge Associates (our M&A firm partner) to help facilitate this industry-changing transaction.

How can we help your company?

How much is your company worth in today’s market? Have you developed an exit strategy for when the time is right?

The Pompeo Group, Inc. is proud to announce our strategic alliance with TOUNGE Associates, a leading Merger and Acquisition firm.  Their expertise in the M&A field can assist you in finding the buyer, seller, or investment partner that is right for you. 

TOUNGE Associates has a tremendous depth of experience developed through more than 25 years of closed transactions and, as a founding member of the private equity firm Anania & Associates Investment Company LLC (AAI).  TOUNGE Associates principal, Jeffrey Tounge, assisted AAI to grow to a $50 million fund primarily through multiple acquisitions.  The Fund’s portfolio companies are successful precision manufacturers with International customer bases.  During Tounge’s tenure at AAI, the Fund achieved year over year growth and well over 140% appreciation over a 5-year period. As a result of this experience, TOUNGE Associates brings a background of strong business and operational knowledge, M&A experience and negotiating power to each client served. 

You will now have an excellent source of M&A experience, combined with The Pompeo Group’s nearly three decades of lighting industry experience, to help lighting and electrical firms source the right buyer, the best merging partners or the most strategic acquisition targets. “We will assist companies in obtaining industry information that isn’t found in standard Wall Street financials, while maintaining the confidentiality for which The Pompeo Group and Tounge Associates are known,” commented Paul Pompeo, President of the Pompeo Group. 

We are willing to participate in a no obligation conference call at your convenience to discuss any future M&A plans you may be contemplating.  It is never too early to start planning an exit strategy that will maximize the value of your company.  We can also assist you in seeking acquisitions or a recapitalization plan that may be used to ‘take some chips off the table’ or bring in equity to fuel future growth. 

Please call Paul Pompeo at 505.271.5353 or 949.466.7779 or reach out via e-mail at if you would like to meet or just have a preliminary phone conversation to discuss various M&A options you may be considering.


"Up until now, I had lost faith in recruiters and recruitment firms. I was simply tired of being treated like just another resume, and not a talented, working professional.  Paul Pompeo changed my perception altogether. Paul is a true professional. He is thorough, pays close attention to detail, works with his candidates every step of the way. Plus, Paul offers the type of advice that really counts in today's competitive market. I wish there were 100 Paul Pompeo's out there placing hard working management professionals in their respective industries."

Rafael Marrero