Candidate Listing

Director of Engineering – Automotive/Industrial

Posted 09/23/2020


An experienced leader specializing in engineering and program management. Enhanced automotive lighting business of a key OEM supplier to 200 million in 5 years. Managed global cross functional team integration to achieve operational cost savings of 30% in manpower and generated 10% additional revenue year over year through new product development.  Demonstrates technical, organizational and managerial capability in automotive as well as non-automotive lighting industry.


Lighting Designer, Texas

Posted 09/22/2020


Industrious Architectural Lighting Designer with a master’s degree in lighting design and an undergraduate degree in visual art. Versatile and creative, with design and project management experience ranging from traditional commercial lighting to public art installations to residential homes. Possesses strong problem solving and communications skills and is proficient in AGi32, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, and SketchUp.


Applications Engineer/Lighting Designer

Posted 09/21/2020


A lighting guru with 12 years’ experience ranging from electrical engineering and lighting design to applications engineering and technical support.  Served on the board of (3) IES sections, as president of one, helping to significantly impact the local lighting community.  Extensive knowledge of CAD drafting, photometric calculations, and support of logistics / order fulfillment.  Trained in commissioning of lighting systems including color-changing DMX solutions.  

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