Back To School.

Back To School.

Posted 3/17/2020


My question- how important is it for a 25 year veteran of sales to go back and finish their college degree? Is it a must, beneficial or too late?

-Regional Manager, industrial fixtures manager

Paul: Great question! Obviously, continuing your education is never a bad thing and provides benefits both personally as well as professionally---and it’s never too late to go back to school. But as a Regional Manager, I’m not sure how much it will benefit you professionally. You didn’t say whether you’re with an independent manufacturer, start-up or conglomerate. For an independent I’d say it’s less important, for a conglomerate it sometimes helps, as larger companies tend to be degree-centric, as do many start-ups, especially those who are VC-funded. Does it sometimes give you a leg up as far as advancement opportunities? With some companies, perhaps. As far as hiring for a senior or middle-management sales role in our industry, though, while most manufacturers prefer a college degree, most will ultimately make a decision based on your sales performance and track record, not your Bachelors or Masters degree.

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