Saving Face(Book).

Saving Face(Book).

Posted 2/9/2020


Do you believe employers should be allowed to acquire their prospective employee’s Facebook password?

-Product Development Manager,, street lighting fixture manufacturer

Paul: This is a very hot question recently---you didn’t say whether this had happened to you personally. The reason I ask this is when conducting a workshop recently at Albuquerque Rescue Mission, this question came up. So far I haven’t heard anyone saying that they personally have had this experience; I’ve heard it in the context of ‘I heard that someone was applying for a job’, so I don’t know if it has actually happened. I’m not a legal expert but I don’t see why an employer couldn’t ask that, but my question would be why. I think to many prospective employees that would be very off-putting and likely to cause them to lose interest in a job. If anyone out there has actually had a prospective employer ask them for their Facebook password during the interview process, I would be very interested in hearing about it.

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