…What was your name again?

…What was your name again?

Posted 3/20/2020


Our company is currently looking for a Western Regional Manager and I recently received a couple of a resumes from a recruiter that I’ve never heard of. He claims his company specializes only in lighting and electrical, but I hadn’t asked him to send me any resumes and I don’t think I’ve ever even spoken with him

-National Sales Manager, residential lighting manufacturer

Paul: I can't speak from a legal perspective, but I can say that most executive recruiters will never send you and unsolicited resume. There are some firms that I call 'resume houses' that will regularly (or occasionally) send unsolicited resumes to employers, but we'd recommend you e-mail the rescruiter and just request they no longer send a resume to you without your prior authorization. True search firms will never send an unsolicited resume to you.

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