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Vice President of Engineering

Posted 06/21/2022



Our client (a very well-respected manufacturer of high-quality lighting) is seeking a smart, humble hands-on Vice President of Engineering to lead their engineering department and serve as a critical member of the executive team, helping to set the strategic direction of the organization! Your experience with high-end, high-quality exterior lighting fixtures (whether industrial, architectural, ......


ID 2826

Specification Sales Representative

Posted 04/18/2022



Our client (a major player in their niche) is looking for an enthusiastic, goal-oriented, very customer-centric Specification Sales Representative to manage existing customers and projects and engage with people in the community, working with architects, engineers and lighting designers and is someone who understands the difference between getting the spec and actually closing the deal! You’l......


ID 2811

Vice President of Specification Sales

Posted 04/14/2022



Our client (a major player in their region) is seeking a goal oriented, enthusiastic, very customer-centric, and ethical Vice President of Specification Sales to set strategy and direction and manage their strong specification effort, maintaining our client’s network of relationships and making some joint calls on key customers with your sales team. Your excellent understanding of the specifi......


ID 2810

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