Posted 3/21/2020


Many companies work hard to recruit and ‘sell’ candidates on their company, only to think that the job is complete once their candidates say ‘yes’ to their offer.  Change can be difficult.  Did you ever wonder what new hires think of your onboarding process or how effective it really is?

A recent new hire was so impressed with the onboarding process at his new company he enthusiastically shared his experience and stated, “In all the years I’ve been working, I’ve never been introduced to a new workplace so effectively or felt more welcomed.”

Believing that there is value in successful onboarding, we asked his new employer to share some of their process with us.  Here then are eight steps to get your new employee off to a great start with your company:

  1. Welcome Aboard.  Start your new hire’s first day by having your Human Resources Department greeting them and welcoming them aboard and reminding them they are a resource for them.
  2. Company Story.Time to share a little about how your company got to where it is today.
  3. Say Cheese. Get a photo of your new hire and send it to everyone in your company (or all relevant members of his/her team) while the new hire is filling out paperwork.  Make sure to cc your new hire too using their company email address, so that she/he can see the responses from others to your announcement email.
  4. Company’s Expectations (Policies) /Benefits.  Give your new hire the opportunity to get started on the right foot by letting them know the company’s expectations and take advantage of this opportunity to sell your benefit package. Remember, benefits are definitely a portion of your new employee’s compensation, so don’t overlook going over your benefit options again on their first day.
  5. Take Them on a Tour.  I’ve heard it said in jest —“It can take a new hire a week to find the restroom”;  so show them around! Include things like the restrooms, lunchroom, and smoking area.
  6. Who’s Who.  Fill them in on the leadership structure so they know who the players are and their roles in the company, as well as giving them an understanding of how their role fits into the big picture.
  7. Time to Meet Their New Manager.  Make your new hire feel welcome by having their new manager have everything setup for them — desk, computer, and an invitation to lunch with their new colleagues.
  8. ‘We treat our employees like family.’ This may sound like a cliché, but the best hiring managers and Human Resources Managers actually take this very seriously and make every effort to have new employees feel like they are joining the family.

First and foremost, put yourself in your new hire’s shoes. The saying goes ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression.’  Show your new employee that you care about them.  If you muff it with your new hire on their first day, it often can be very tough to get things back on track after that.

I’d be interested in hearing about your successful onboarding methods!  Feel free to email me at mary@Pompeo.com

[Thanks to Mike Kartz, PHR, CP, MAHR, Human Resources Manager at Visa Lighting (an Oldenburg Group company).]


Reproduced with the permission of LD+A


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