Empowering and Restoring Lives

Empowering and Restoring Lives

Posted 1/31/2023


Pompeo Group teams with GenerateHope to present workshops to survivors of human trafficking

As a recruiter with over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, Paul Pompeo has heard from clients that matching the right candidate to the right company can dramatically change both for the better. Armed with that knowledge, Pompeo Group began conducting workshops for residents of multiple homeless organizations conducting on-site workshops (“Re-Entering The Job Market”). The impact was dramatic and immediate; Paul and his team knew that they were helping to make a difference. 

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Paul observed that the birth of this “new normal” also created an unprecedented number of jobseekers. To help candidates who had been suddenly cast out into a job hunt, Paul and Mary Lindenmuth (Pompeo Group’s Director of Recruiting for Engineering and Operations) created a free webinar aimed at both new and experienced candidates to help them understand how to prepare and put their best foot forward. 

Pompeo Group is both honored and grateful to share our experience in hiring and interviews and partner with GenerateHope to help these brave survivors as they begin the next chapters in their lives
Paul Pompeo, President of Pompeo Group.

For several years, members of Pompeo Group have conducted free webinars and in-person workshops to multiple organizations including homeless shelters (San Diego Rescue Mission, Albuquerque Rescue Mission, and Joy Junction, among others) as well as groups supporting victims of domestic abuse (Barrett House).  But it wasn’t until he heard a presentation from GenerateHope, an organization that provides safe harbor to survivors of human trafficking (most of whom are female), that he realized there was a broader audience that needed to hear this message.

Motivated by the need, Paul and Pompeo Group’s Recruiting and Operations Manager Joan Sberro conducted their first online workshop with a group of human trafficking victims and their counselors. During the presentation there were many questions from both the participants and the support team.  Program Specialist at GenerateHope, Keelin Washington said, “Our residents really enjoyed the workshop and have gained some great information that I believe will help them in their next steps in the job market.”  GenerateHope invited Paul and his team to lead an ‘encore presentation’ of their webinar for residents of their Colorado group and plan to conduct similar workshops in the future with GenerateHope and other related organizations.

We hope that in some small way we can make a difference to help people lead a healthy, purpose-filled life.
Joan Sberro

If you would like to learn more about Generate Hope
or help support their mission visit generatehope.org

About Pompeo Group

Founded in 2003 by Paul Pompeo,  Pompeo Group has a combined 70 years of professional experience in executive recruiting. Pompeo Group is the most recognized lighting, electrical, controls and IoT recruitment firm in North America. Paul is currently a board member for the IES San Diego section, past President for IES New Mexico, and a columnist for the industry premier publication, LD+A. Joan Sberro is the Recruiting and Operations Manager at Pompeo Group, heads up their contract/consulting placement business and is also an IES member.


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