What I’ve Learned: Jody Good

What I’ve Learned: Jody Good

Posted 10/22/2014


Vice President, Strand Lighting and Electro Controls; Principal Lighting and Theatre Designer, Spectrum Engineers, Inc.; Past President IES; Past President NCQLP

Be quiet. You can’t listen when you are talking. Sometime this is very hard to learn, but shush!

Everyone is a lighting designer. The members of the lighting design “professions” may know more than the average salesperson or contractor, but salespeople and contactors do more layouts than the so called “pros”. The solution is not to try to capture the work by fiat, rather we should use our knowledge to increase their understanding of lighting
by sharing, teaching and writing.

Give back to the industry. It helps everyone and it makes you feel good.

You are really lucky if your children understand what it is that you do. Talk to them about your work. They might be interested, or at least they can discuss your job with their friends.

A good job is one where the client gets the best possible lighting solution for a price they can afford and everyone makes a fair profit.

Trust has to be earned—every day. It is often said that we are only as good as our next job.

Work as hard at your civic and church activities as you do at work. Balance is important.

Hire people who are smarter than you are; they make your job easier.

Let your employees run. It has immeasurable benefits.

Explain your job to your spouse; it makes for insightful table talk.


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