What I’ve Learned: Nancy Stathes

What I’ve Learned: Nancy Stathes

Posted 11/22/2014


VP Brand Management Kurt Versen Company; 25 years with KV— 10 years in an executive role and prior to that Vice President Sales Operations, Executive Vice President, Vice President Sales & Operations, CSR and Senior Project Manager

You will miss events, prioritize, make the ones that are most important to them—they remember.

Mom was an unhappy housewife who finished her undergrad, divorced and went on to be the first female sales executive in a major corporation…talk about leading by example!

Listen, listen, listen, and respond, do not react. If you cannot respond, do not. Research first.

My sister always said, ‘it takes a village’. Help is there. Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for it and take it.

Own what you say—all of it.

My mother is all about choices and independence. Walk through the door at the end of the day because you want to not because you have to.

We all make mistakes; it’s how you correct them that is key.

Mom’s funniest phrase was “don’t be careless with the truth”. The three of us kids got the message!

You are part of a team, even if you lead it.

Embrace change, initiate change. Not just for the sake of change—for the betterment of the organization.

Always remember your priorities—family is first. Incredible pressure to raise a family and have a career—you need balance. Lots of it!

Passion is important! Passion and respect for what I do, who I do it for and with.

Remember to have fun. This is a great industry full of innovative, energetic, eclectic people. We are all in this together at all areas of the chain to do our part in delivering a quality project. Many we call friend…how lucky are we?


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