What I’ve Learned: Allan Gray

Co-Founder of Intense Lighting When I was younger I let things bother me. I was very competitive---I still am---and I often got anxious, and sometimes very angry. Now I try to take things in s...

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What I’ve Learned: Howard Brandston

Founder of The Brandston Partnership Inc.; Past President of the IES; Lighting Designer/Educator The key thing I learned growing up was to do exactly what you say you’re going to do. It just...

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What I’ve Learned: Jay Goodman

Founder, LumenOptix; Managing Director, Westinghouse Lighting Solutions; Founder/Principal, Intelligent Lighting Solutions While nobody will write a book about my parents, they are true heroes.&nbs...

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What I’ve Learned: George Bosson

President, Orgatech Omegalux Architectural Lighting; Chief of Operations, elliptipar; General Manger, LAM Lighting; Founder, a.light With peace in your heart and mind you bring peace to others.&nbs...

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