What I’ve Learned: Chris Brown

Chief Executive Officer, Wiedenbach-Brown Hire smart, enthusiastic people, and let them do the job they were hired to do---I’ve learned to let them make mistakes and let them learn great lessons ...

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What I’ve Learned: John Scribante

Chief Executive Officer, Orion Energy Systems Of my three children, two of them are adopted—they’re Mayan Indians from Guatemala—they are my older boys. When I traveled to Central A...

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What I’ve Learned: Bill Attardi

President, Attardi Marketing The first commandment of success is get a good education in something you really love to do and work hard at it. It really is that simple. Nev...

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What I’ve Learned: John Maneri

President/CEO, Maneri~Agraz Enterprises, Ltd. My Dad was a tavern owner who worked 364 days a year; he demonstrated a work ethic that I have attempted to mimic throughout my career. His motto ...

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